Covering a wide range of works from both domestic to commercial projects

Leading electricians in Kensington for a number of years

Exelon Electrics has been the leading electricians in Kensington for an abundance of years, we have a team of outstanding electricians that will cover a wide range of works from both domestic to commercial projects, from electric car charging points to full rewiring works.

As specialist electricians in Kensington, we have the skills and expertise to ensure that your property is safe and secure without breaking the bank. When installing additional electrical sockets on your property it is important that you are not overpowering multi-way socket adapters and that you, your family, or your clients are safe within the property. If your current home or business has broken switches or sockets, then these should be replaced by our expert electricians in Kensington, to ensure everyone is safe.

Expert electricians in Kensington

As expert electricians in Kensington, we have all the skills and knowledge of all the government rules and regulations so that we can guarantee that we meet all of the highest standards of electrical works, this is key to ensuring that we do not jeopardize any of our clients’ safety. Exelon Electrics has the expertise and skill to fulfil a wide range of electrical works from installing additional plug sockets in your office to installing EV charging points outside your home.

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We take great pride in completing all works to the highest standard

Maybe you are looking at adding additional light switches and plug sockets to your loft conversion, or you are looking at rewiring your entire office space to meet electrical regulations, Exelon Electrics is here to help.

We take great pride in completing all works to the highest standard as well as ensuring that we reduce all potential risks that can be caused by electrical faults. When it comes to reselling your property it is vital that you can provide evidence that safe electrical works have been completed and your property complies with all Building Regulations, this is why it is crucial to employ trustworthy electricians in Kensington who are competent and word. As electricians in Kensington, we will always complete certificates to ensure that we can show that all the works we have carried out are completed by a competent and fully insured electrician.

Providing a service to both domestic and commercial clients

Providing a service to both domestic and commercial clients is key, we have the skills and ability to complete works such as rewiring a full property to installing a simple light fitting. Not only do we complete full installation projects but we also complete essential safety inspections to ensure that your property is up to scratch especially if you are using the space for members of the public or office space for members of staff.

With any work that we complete, we work alongside our clients so that we can cause minimal disruption, especially if the space is unable to be vacant when works are completed. We take great pride in taking away the stress that you may have when trying to find reliable electricians in Kensington, as a trustworthy and word team, we ensure that we can work with you to meet each of your requirements. Whether that is adding additional plug sockets that leave your room feeling more livable or installing a full rewiring when your current electrical circuit is old and damaged, our experts are here for you.

Our team of expert electricians in Kensington will always visit your property before any works are completed, this means that we can determine exactly the complexity of all projects before the get-go and give you a full understanding of what works need to be done to ensure that we meet all of your requirements.


    If you wish to enquire about any electrical services then do not hesitate to get in touch with Exelon Electrics today via our contact form or contact details below. A member of our specialist team will be at hand to help get you a quote as soon as possible.



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